UMA vs Intel HD or Radeon

While searching this forum for similar topics, I came across a statement that Intel HD is about twice as better as GMA. How does GMA compare to UMA (which is what my new Asus k52f laptop has). Will it make a difference on streaming online videos on ESPN3, for it even related to that, or does it have more to do with gaming?

I did try to watch the same game (on espn3) with my PC (which has a Radeon 3200 video) and my laptop, and the image was better on the PC (I used the same internet connection for both of them).

Once again, I'm not a gamer but I do want to be able to watch 1080 etc...and just curious if I should return my laptop for better graphics, if they make so much difference. So my two alternatives to my current UMA would be a laptop with Intel HD, or one with:

"ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics with 128MB display cache memory, up to 2045MB total available memory"

I just wanted to check with you guys before going through the hassle of returning, only to find out that it doesn't make a bit of difference (for the purposes listed above, ie online streaming, hdmi movie watching etc...., but not gaming).

Thank you very much.

edit: oh yea, my current asus k52f-bin6 (with UMA) has an Intel P6200 and a 7200hard drive....the hd radeo laptop that I'm looking at is an HP Pavillion DV6-3020 with an AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile Processor P540....
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