Memory upgrade to 4BG - PC wont work - Any ideas!?!

Hi there has any one had the same problem or know how to fix my problem.

I am trying to upgrade my RAM, just purchased 4GB (2 x 2GB Modules) I put a 2GB module in slot one, PC worked fine. Put the same module in slot two, PC worked fine. Tested the second module the same way with the same results. So the memory works. Then put both the modules in the PC, then the PROBLEM, the PC wont work, can any one help?!?!?!?!
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  1. Some computers will not handle that much ram per slot. You may only be able to use two one gig sticks. For instance. My dell desktop has for slots and can handle a maximum of four gigs. 1 gig per slot. I can Use two gig sticks but the other slots must be empty. So my suggestions are:

    1) take the ram back, get two 1 gig sticks.

    2) try the motherboard manufacturer's site to se if a bios upgrade fixes the problem
    of memory address.
  2. Also on some boards maximum ram is lowered as speed increases. eg 8g/pc25300- or 4gb/pc26400
  3. which mobo you are using?
  4. what's your specification ?
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