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I have one of the Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H motherboards in my wifes computer, it as a 965BE processor. I am looking to upgrade her becuase she is wanting three monitors and I would like to put 2 video cards in her machine. But the board is a mATX, so my question is what would be a good upgrade? I am trying to stay under the 180 price range.
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  1. If she want three monitors buy a AMD video card don't need to change the motherboard.
  2. I have a AMD cards, the board cannot hold more than one do to one PCI-E x16.
  3. From the 5000 series and up AMD video cards can hold a 3 monitor setup.
  4. I under stand that, let just say the motherboard needs to be upgraded because it does not have usb 3 or sata 6
  5. Just say like that.
  6. Look at these motherboards. All of them have all what you want.
    Read some customers reviews and choose one.
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