Will PCI-E x1 sound card fit in PCI slot "32 bit" ?


I have a sound card with PCI-E x1 interface, will it work on PCI 32 bit slot?
PCI 32 bit slot supports PCI 2.1

Please help me! thanks.
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  1. > will it work on PCI 32 bit slot?

    No. PCI and PCI-Express are 2 entirely different bus architectures.

    Don't even try it!!

  2. They make converters but they cost as much as some soundcards.
  3. ^^ Technically, most early PCI-E soundcards are nothing more then a PCI card with a PCI->PCI-E bridge chip added on.

    But yeah, won't work.
  4. Thank you guys

    i don't need that PCI slot anyway, because i have 3x GTX580 in my system and there is no other slots available
    but i found out that i can install the last gpu with "extended sli bridge" and now there is a PCI-E 16x slot open for me :)
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