Good Idle Temps?

Are these good idle temps for an i5 2500k?
I'm using a Xigmatek Gaia btw
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  1. Am assuming your room temperature is somewhere in the early to mid 20's. Those temps look all good.
  2. Yep room temp is about 22 C
  3. Roughly same temps as HWMonitor gives mine :) Although i tend to see it ticking over in the higher 30's when using web browser ect.
  4. if your within 10-15 degrees of room temp (depending on type of cooler and case) your idle temp is OK,, more than that I would modify something somewhere.
    light use should be within 10-20 degrees of room temp, heavy use shouldn't go higher than 45 degrees I would think in most cases. anything higher would have me worry somewhat
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