Core i5 heatsink broken

I recently decided to clean my computer, and broke some clips on the CPU fan when trying to attach the fan back on. I fastened it as best as I could and started the computer, it turned itself off after 5 minutes from what i hope is just overheating.

I'm using a Core i5 750 attached to a Asus p7p55d le motherboard, the CPU fan is stock. So I need a new fan, and also some advice on how to replace it, ie do i remove the thermal compound, what with, do all 1156 fans have a universal method of attaching themselves to motherboards, do i need any special tools etc. Thank you for any advice.
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  1. Just replacing the fan on the stock cooler is quite difficult, as Intel use a custom fan arrangement, so I think you are stuck with replacing the whole fan + cooler. When you do that, the first thing is to remove the old heatsink, then clean the old thermal compound from the CPU - be careful doing this, and don't use too much solvent - you do not want to drip solvent down the sides of the CPU. I think Arctic Silver sell a cleaning kit for removing old thermal compound, or there are a variety of solvents that will do the job.

    There are plenty of after-market CPU coolers available, and most of them are quieter than the stock cooler, or keep the CPU cooler, or both :)

    There are a few coolers which use the Intel push-pin connection to the motherboard, but they are not the best coolers you can get. Most of the rest require you to put a backplate behind the motherboard, and that often / usually means removing the motherboard from the case. Make up your mind in advance whether you can be bothered removing the motherboard. If not, look for a cooler that uses pushpins. If you are going to remove the motherboard, it makes cleaning the old thermal compound off easier, too.

    To remove the stock cooler about all you need is a flat blade screwdriver to rotate the pushpins, and a little bit of gentle persuasion (twist first, to loosen the thermal compound, before trying to lift).

    To remove the motherboard, if you choose to go that route, you'll probably need a Philips head screwdriver (sometimes called a cross-point, I believe). Unplug the cables first - sometimes you will need needle-nose pliers to get some of the cables out (squeeze gently to release the clips).

    To install the new cooler, normally all you'll need is a Philips head screwdriver (sometimes you need a longish one - if other tools are required (like a spanner), they usually come with the cooler.

    If you haven't done this before, do be careful about static electricity - you can destroy the motherboard with static. Investing in a grounding wrist-strap is a good idea.
  2. £20 will buy you cooler that will keep your chip a hell of a lot cooler than stock.

    Best ones use a plate on the back of the motherboard to screw into like the Hyper212+, while something like Frezer Pro Rev.2 uses the same push-pin as intel cooler, so you don't need to remove motherboard.
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