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XFX HD5770 pixel problems

OK, so recently (started about 2-3 weeks ago) I have had issues with random pixels flashing, while playing games AND on my desktop. On my desktop, I have light blue patterned pixels that flash on and off, always in the same spot, during video playback, I have random black specks all over the video screen, and in game, I have bigger blocks that are usually grayish/transparent in random spots during a game, but the dont move around, they stay in the same spot.
I, at first, thought it was my moniter, but have concluded that since I can take a screenshot of it, that its something else. I assume that it must be my graphics card. I purchased it around 4-5 months ago, and they are saying that I cant return it. I was wondering if someone can help maybe solve this issue, before i fork out money for another graphics card.
I have tried updating my drivers, uninstalling my drivers and then reinstalling, I have tampered with numerous settings in CCC to see if it fixes the problem, I have changed moniters, I have overclocked and turned the clocking settings down as well. I just cant seem to figure it out. My Temps have never gone above 48c, I have played high settings games for hours and checked, my temps are always consistent. ANY ideas?
Here are some screen shots:

What I see on my desktop (constantly, and are always flickering in the same spots, starting to see alot more of these)

What I see when I play a video (they appear randomly in all areas, starting to get worse as well)

What I see during gameplay (always like this when they appear, but starting to happen more often)

here are my system specs:

CPU - HP Elite model HPE-210y
Processor - AMD phenom II x4 945 quadcore 3.0
Graphics Card - XFX Radeon HD5770 1GB DDR5
PSU - Corsair 750watt
OS - Windows 7 64bit
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  1. CPU - HP Elite model?

    CPU is central processing unit, in short, the processor.

    The problem is most likely due to heat.
  2. Are you sure? is this a common error from heat? I check the temps quite often and it NEVER goes above 48c.....

    CPU - HP Elite model (yeah, I didnt mean to type it like that, lol, had a brainfart XD)
  3. OK, if it is a temp problem, if i turn up the fan speed a little, will this fix the issues? Or is this something that is a permanent damage?
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    When a card overheats, or even begins to do so, it can cause artifacts to appear. And yeah, heat can definitely cause permanent damage. But, heat isn't the only source of problems. Sometimes cards are damaged by power fluctuations, and other times parts just go bad. Either way, if this is a persistent problem, then it's safe to say something on the card has gone bad.

    Unless this card was used, it should still be under warranty. I suggest you contact XFX Support here: and create a support ticket, describing the error in detail. Their response time is usually within 48 hours, and often within 24. If you haven't already registered the card, be sure to do so prior to creating the support ticket. You will need the card's serial number to do so, so get it either from the card itself (usually found on a sticker on the back of the card) or the original box.

    If you're outside the US, simply click "Change Region" at the top-right of the page and choose appropriately.
  5. I bought it brand new, registered it like 3 days after i recieved it, still have the original box, and I live in the US. I just looked it up, didnt know that XFX had their own lifetime warranty. XD
    I am going to put in the support ticket first thing in the morning. If they just replace it, that would be awsome. I really do love this card, its preformance has been way more than i expected (until it started acting up recently, obviously lol). I was really upset that it started to act up after like 4-5 months, but hopefully they replace it, so Im not 150$ in the shitter. Thanx alot for your response Razberry!!!
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  7. You're welcome. I have always gotten excellent service from XFX's support department, and they're always eager to please. They'll likely issue you a replacement RMA, culminating with them sending you a new card. You will have to send them your card and cover the cost of getting it to them. You can use Fed-Ex, UPS, or DHL. Turn-around for RMA replacement is generally around 2 weeks from the day you ship it, to the day you get your replacement. I usually use Fed-Ex 3-day air, which costs about $10 for anything under 2 lbs. (UPS 5-day ground costs the same.)
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