9600 gt

guys im using my frnds profile to ask u a question

iv got a 9600 gt 1gb
but nvidia control panel n gpu z shows less cuda cores n less bandwidth as compared to the one given on net
but performance seems to be gud

im using it on a 300 w power supply but it seems to work fine til i get a new one

could it be coz of the power supply or just wrong specs showing up or have i been cheated

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  1. it is a low power version with 48shaders and less bandwidth.1gb on that card is waste.psu is fine for low power version.if you want something good 9800gt or 8800gt is way to go.but if its fine with your needs then enjoy your card!:D
  2. Could you show us the GPU-Z result?
    What is exactly your 9600GT model? 9600Gt doesn't need an extra 6pin power connector, so you are fine with your current 300W PSU... :)
  3. There are two 9600GT versions. The regular 9600GT and a "green" version which uses less power and is not as powerful as the original 9600GT.

    I have the "regular" version in one of my PCs which requires a 6-pin power connector.
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