Pc game crashes then i hear a tapping sound and pc restarts?

hey guys i have an annoying problem, when playing a game for a random time, 10mins -1 hours my game crashes and i hear a tapping sound come from within the pc case then pc restarts itself, could this be a dodgy hard drive, i replaced my power supply and it still persists
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  1. Most likely yes. Did the previous PSU die? Other reason could be thermal (overheating due to insufficent airflow).
  2. no my old power supply was fine but i changed because of the guys on here, telling me it might be the power supply
  3. Does that tapping sound resemble metal clinking together? And was the clicking sound present before when you were told it was psu by other people? If so, I can almost gaurantee you it's the HDD. Especially since your computer restarts after the game crashes and you hear the sound. What's probably happening is your computer is blue-screening but you still have the option to automatically restart on system failure.
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