Sudden overuse of memory

Hello, first of all I'd like to warn you guys about the incoming wall of text, however I'm trying to use as much detail as possible to help solve my problem.

I have a question that I haven't seemed to be able to find an answer to anywhere. One morning I logged on, and noticed an extreme amount of lag in the game i usually play. When playing the game, I often open 2 game clients at once to make it easier to trade items between characters and other stuff like that....and I've noticed this usually uses almost none of my cpu, and about 40-50%, sometimes 60% at max of my total memory, depending if I have other programs open or not......but that morning when I noticed the extreme lag I tabbed out to check my resource monitor and I noticed my computer was using almost all 6gb of my memory! My memory is DDR3, triple channel, 2GB sticks x3, if that makes any difference. My CPU usage was also spiking randomly too, would stay as low as 7-8% which is a bit higher than normal, then would spike up into the 20's briefly. Not sure if it did this before because i usually didn't stare at it long enough to notice.

Anyways, on this same day (exactly 1 week ago from yesterday), I was attempting to install a different game, and had no issues at all installing the game, but kept getting issues inside the game such as lag, crashes, etc. This made me contact their tech support who had me check my events viewer to see if anything had been going wrong in the past.

When checking the event viewer I was very surprised to find an abundance of the following error:

"The device, \Device\Harddisk0\DR0, has a bad block."

After looking deeper into the event viewer, i found out this error had been occuring multiple times per day for almost a year now, (4356 times to be exact)since april of 2011.....sometimes upwards of 20+ times per day.

HD Error History

So after finding these errors, I frantically did everything I could, hoping it didn't mean I had to replace my HD. I used all of the windows utilities i could find and did disk clean-ups/defrag as well as running AdAware spyware scanner, and then got ready to do a chkdsk, but in the process found out there was a problem there as well. When scheduling the disk check and restarting the computer, the check did not start, and the windows booted right back up again. I tried this several times and got nowhere, so i was instructed to install a different spyware scanner (malwarebytes) and I ran that one as well....after running this scan i was able to successfully do the dskchk. Since the check took such a long time I went away from the computer for a while not knowing that it wouldn't give me a log of what it found afterwards, however I did come back in time to find that it had replaced a few files......but that seemed to be all it did.

After running the dskchk, I checked my drive using SeaTools (not sure if there's a better program for this out there, but it's all i could find) and all of the scans on SeaTools gave my drive a passing grade. For the following week I did not get the bad block error at all, and since it was happening multiple times per day, I thought I had fixed it somehow....only problem is that this didn't seem to fix my memory overuse. So at first I had thought this wasn't part of the problem and was just something else that was going wrong, until it started giving the error again yesterday. Again I'm not sure if has anything to do with memory problems, but I figured it couldn't do any harm to include this.

So at this point I was back to trying to fix the original problem, of the game I play using almost double the memory that it usually does.

I have also had RAM problems in the past, so I will explain that as well.

RAM/CPU Error History

A while back, (maybe about a year or so) my computer got in the crossfire of a stupid argument between my roommates and ended up getting hit by a shoe....this doesn't seem like it would have done much, but it instantly powered off my computer and it wouldn't turn back on....since most of my computer knowledge is self-taught, I did the only thing i could think of, which was basically taking everything apart and putting it back together, making sure there wasn't anything broken inside....after doing this, I didn't notice anything broken at all, and once everything was back in 1 piece, the computer would turn back on again, however the CPU was overheating for some I bought some new thermal grease, and re-applied it onto the CPU, and that solved that problem......I guess I didn't ever bother checking my RAM at that point, and didn't really notice till later on when i had a noticed lots of lag (this was only a few months ago, so this problem went unnoticed for quite a while)....but my computer was only reading 4 out of my 6 gigs of ram on all of the windows utilities, however was still showing up as 6 in I took all of the ram out, blowed some air in the slots and cleaned it out real good, and then checked the sticks 1 by 1, and each one ended up turning out ok, so I put all 3 back in, booted up, and all of the sudden it was reading all 6 gigs of my ram again, so one of them must have just been dirty or not seated properly. This ram issue happened before I knew about the HD errors, and at this point I thought everything was good and my computer was free of problems again...anyways again, I'm not sure if this would have anything to do with my current problem, but I think it's important to include this.

I have included the history of my RAM/CPU and my HD problems in all other posts I've made on other various computer forums, and have yet to find anyone who could help with my problem yet. I don't wanna go buying new hardware if it's not the only way to fix the problem.....of course if I replaced my RAM and HD, chances are this problem would go away, but due to current budget issues, and the fact that I'm saving for an SSD, I'd rather not replace stuff atm if it doesn't need to be replaced.

I was told the bad block error doesn't always mean the HD has to be replaced, and that the chkdsk would find the problem, and fix it if it could, or just disable the corrupt block so it doesn't get used.

Another thing to note is the game usually starts up using the normal amount of memory that it used to, but then slowly climbs until it almost doubles about 15-20 mins after the game has been opened. I believe that the past issues with my HD and CPU are tied to the same event listed in my RAM/CPU error history when my computer was knocked out of commission. If anyone knows some way that I could pinpoint this problem I'd really appreciate it.

Also on a random sidenote, I was wondering if its possible that the RAM inside my GPU (GTX260 maxcore55, outdated I know x_x) went bad and is now using my system's ram instead? I haven't checked my GPU at all because I don't know any programs for that, and I should probably update the drivers for it as well, but I didn't know if this could cause the problem I'm having so I've been steering clear of checking any other sources so that I don't overwhelm myself.....however the fact that the memory spikes only happen while playing a game (at least that's the only time I've noticed it) leads me to believe that if there was a problem with the GPU, that it could possibly cause my current problem.

My thoughts at this moment on the possible problems are:

-HD issues could be causing the extra use of ram
-One or more of my sticks of ram could be going bad
-GPU could have problems and is directly related to this problem
-None of the above and I haven't found the problem yet.

Again sorry for the huge wall of text, but i feel that posting all these details will make it easier to solve this problem..... so if anyone could help me narrow down my problem I would very much appreciate it because I'm a broke student and I cant afford to replace my whole machine at the moment, which is what I probably would do if i had the money, its always got something wrong with it and it's pretty outdated by now too.
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  1. Does nobody here have any ideas? :*( was hoping I could find an answer here
  2. anything yet? :|
  3. So you think this could be caused by malware/virus? I've already ran all the free scans i could find, have hesitated to pay for anything since i wasn't sure if it would fix the problem
  4. These are free, run it as described!

    Virus will do that.
  5. Alright, I'll see whats up when these are done! Thanks

    By the way, I have already run malwarebytes, and my trial is almost over actually, I'll try the combofix though, If you know of any sort of diagnosis tool i could use, i don't mind paying for something if i know it will fix the problem.
  6. Well, ran the suggested scans, seemed to have cleaned up a bit of malware but still didn't touch the problem :(
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