Acer Aspire X3200 U3600A Upgrading

I would like to begin by saying that I cannot find diddly squat on anyone doing anything with this mini desktop on the internet. Everyone seems to let its size interfere with doing anything with it. I would like to think on the contrary. I think there's a number of upgrades little or not to optimize this little beast. Though I feel I need to reach out for help. So here I am and so here are the original specs:

(Without opening the case)
Acer Aspire X3200 U3600A
Windows Vista 64 Home Premium
MOBO MB.SAT01.002 (what im led to believe, not much info anywhere on this)
AMD Phenom x3 @ 2.1
Integrated Nvidia Geforce 8200 (update leads you to believe it transforms into a 9200 magically)
PSU 220 W (Again what I'm led to believe)

Here is a review from CNET:

Now some things I believe can be improved...

CPU: The Phenom x3 8400 is @2.1 ghz for each core I really want to upgrade. What can I upgrade to? AM2 socket, though the mobo had support for phenom processors.. so I guess I got that much to work with.

Athlon x2 6000+? Would need a better PSU I believe.
A better Phenom? Quad core? At what frequency? Is there a black edition first series Phenom? Could I buy that?
Im continually led in the direction of a better PSU.

GPU: Integrated Nvidia Geforce 8200... *sigh* Well its got an empty PCIex16 slot :D Though I am again brought down buy the low PSU. What I have found so far that I heard works with this Acer garbage is a Radeon HD 5570. Its low pro and low power which is good. Though I'm not sure if its a bit too much that I'd fry this beastie.

Now I'm not asking for much, just some Dragon Age, Fallout3, Oblivion. Is it possible I can do something to run those games smoothly without having to buy a new computer? Those three big parts CPU, GPU, and PSU seems to be my objective. I want to say I can leave my processor as I have seem some youtube videos of people playing Crysis using the Phenom x3 8400 on medium/high settings. So that leaves a GPU and/or PSU to buy. I would also like to keep this upgrading on the cheap side. Think ebay prices. :D Ive also considered transfering the MOBO to another mini itx case/power supply bundle for cheap. That would give me a large increase in GPU browsing. Any help whatsoever would be fantastic, thanks.
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  1. I used a Radeon 5570 on a similar computer with 220w and it worked completely fine even at load. I also had a AMD Athlon x4 2.9 ghz, 4GB Ram, 1TB Western Digital 7,200, DVD RW, with the same PSU and had absolutely no problems.
  2. i have a same CPU and trying to find any higher thatn 220w.. and i cant find in the web so i used to transfer the complete board of my micro itx 400w PSU into lite on 220w PSU case so that i can put some high GPU on my board... you try too if you want too.. hope it helps..
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