HD5870 10.12 drivers 99% GPU load issue.

I am having some problems with my 5870 running the 10.12 catalyst drivers. I see quite a large number of issues with these drivers, many the same as mine, but I haven't found a topic that actually had some fixes for it.

I'm running:

Intel C2Q 9550 @3.4ghz
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
HIS HD 5870 1GB DDR5
25" Hanns-G 1920x1080 Monitor
Secondary monitor: Acer 20" 1600x900


I've had some random Bluescreens, but only about 3 times since the drivers were released. The major problems are that the GPU load while idle is just sitting at 99%. The temp doesn't seem to be raised at all, but it takes about 10-20seconds for a fullscreen program to minimize, or when you open a program that requires windows confirmation that you want a program to execute, it will take about 10-20 seconds before AND after the prompt pops up. Restarting my computer seems to fix it for a while (sometimes a couple hours, sometimes a couple days).

I have tried doing a fresh driver install, while making sure it ONLY installed CCC/drivers. Yet this problem persists. I guess my final option is to revert to an older driver version and wait for a fix.

Anybody else with this problem? And possibly a solution?
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  1. Hi,

    When it comes to issues of this nature, the only fix (that I can think of) would be to rollback the drivers. Sometimes, newer drivers may be unstable, and it's human error; older drivers are almost as good as newer ones, because they were for one, created, and secondly, reviewed, updated and re-released to the community. I'd say go back to old drivers until another set comes out.
  2. I had the similar 100% load problems with 10.12 and I had to roll back to 10.10e to fix it;however,it seems disabling ATI AVIVO fixes this issue and there is no need to revert back to an older driver
  3. ^
    try what maziar suggest above...
  4. Interesting, I had some issues with 10.12(5770 and 5870) as well. Crashes(BSOD) at idle, but only 3-5 days apart and ALWAYS at idle, never in game.

    I just dropped back to 10.11 and have been running fine since.
  5. I don't remember even installing Avivo, and I don't see the "Avivo" section in CCC, am I missing something?
  6. I don't have this problem tbh.
  7. I only noticed issues on my media center system that is on 24/7, other system that are powered down seem un-effected.
  8. Just standard CCC, or CCC2?
  9. Just the standard CCC I believe. Is CCC2 the beta CCC they have for download? I'm just using the normal one.
  10. Yep, it is the beta. The only time I've run into the 100% issue was when the HD audio on the card was conflicting with the MB Chipset. You could try disabling the GPU HD Audio in Device manager if none of the better suggestions above help.
  11. Ok, issue hasn't come up so far today so I'll have to wait and see I guess.
  12. Pigbearman said:
    I don't remember even installing Avivo, and I don't see the "Avivo" section in CCC, am I missing something?

    I think when you want to uninstall CCC,you can choose the option only to remove Avivo.
  13. Maziar said:
    I think when you want to uninstall CCC,you can choose the option only to remove Avivo.

    Yeah, I did that and there isn't an Avivo selection, so I must not even have it. I remember having an "Avivo" selection in the dropdown menu in CCC back when I had 2 crossfired 4870's, but it isn't there anymore.
  14. OK,so if you still experience this issue,roll back to an older driver and see if it helps.
  15. 11.1 drivers just came out last night apparently, I'll try those to see if they work.
  16. Installing new drivers now, but before I did that I rolled back the drivers and the problem went away, so if anybody else has this issue with 10.12, roll it back OR get the new 11.1 drivers which were released yesterday(well, yesterday meaning 1 hour ago).
  17. I'm going to try 11.1 as well and I hope i won't get the 100% GPU usage issue.
  18. Haven't had the problem so far, and I have noticed a small performance increase.

    But I am having another problem. When I have CCC open on my one monitor, and I maximize a game on the other monitor, my G13 gamepads keybindings all default to the normal configuration for some reason. I don't see anything change on the LCD screen. Whats up with this?
  19. hmm,I'm not sure.Have you updated the G13's drivers ?
  20. As far as I know they are all updated. They update automatically I believe.
  21. Bad news, just got home. Opened up WoW on one screen and had youtube on the other. Played for a while then tried to minimize. Same thing happening with the 11.1 drivers. Still stuck at 99% load.

  22. Installed the 11.1a hotfix leak, no problems yet in terms of the 99% load issue at least. But so far I am seeing a HUGE screen tearing issue when using my main monitor when it isn't running a fullscreen program. Might have to just revert to 10.11
  23. Same, not to say identical, issue here, my 5870 runs as ever but sometimes, goes to 99% activity (not really i think cause its temp reaches 58° not 70-80°) and then nothing, stuck there, no matter what i try to do to get it lower....and this happens randomly! Yesterday i wasn't having the issue from the morning of the day before, then in the evening it happened three times!!! This from 10.12 and 11.1....AMD must solve this issue!!
  24. Anyway i've just sent an email to the AMD tech support, hope they come out with something. Oh and the drivers of the 11.1 release are the 10.12 (as the ccc show)...
  25. It is a glitch(the 10.12 thing), it is a different driver. Mine says 10.11 since that was the last one, my 5870 system says 10.12.

    Check device manager, it is a new driver.
  26. you're right...8.812 vs 8.801 right? So the issue could come from the driver or the ccc, but i bet it's the ccc, i don't know why....anyway the issue didn't come up since the last time i posted.....and amd didn't send me his response.....
  27. just keep an eye on it. Strange thing is that GPU-Z seems to show the wrong driver as well. Either way, time will tell.
  28. Ok, they told me to uninstall and reinstall the catalyst with a reg cleaning between them, then to keep the CCC Overdrive locked. And to be sure that my pc hasn't any overclocked component. My face at the end of the mail: -.-'''''''''''''''
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