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Adapter to connect 20-pin USB 3.0 card reader panel to Motherboard?

First off, I realize I'm a newb in this area. I apologize for being ignorant on any of this - never had to deal with USB 3.0 before. I have a Rosewill SuperSpeed USB 3.0 card reader that has a 20-pin connector to connect to the mother board. The mother board I have does not have a 20-pin connector on it, at least I can't find it, however it appears that there are several 9-pin USB 3.0 ports on the motherboard.

Is there an adapter that I can get to connect the 20-pin adapter to the motherboard? Or do I need to return the card reader?

This is the card reader:

This is the motherboard:


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  1. should be right next to the 24 pin power connector near the RAM
  2. It does say USB 3.0 right there, and I think what you are referring to is the right size, but it is completely flat - so nothing to plug into.
  3. The card reader requires an internal usb3 port on the mother board. Yoour mother board only has 2 external usb-3 ports. Unless you can find an adapter cable some where, that card reader will not work.

  4. Well that's what I'm hoping to find out about - which type of adapter I need to get.

    Also, can someone explain to me why it shows "USB 3.0" on the motherboard with the contacts for the 20-pin connector, but with flat pins? The manual makes it sound like I should be able to connect something to the motherboard, but again, no actual pins stick up. I've linked to a screenshot from the manual. It says "USB Module sold separately" - are they referring to the front panel element that is shown? Or is there actually something that you can add to the motherboard which allows the card reader to be plugged in?

    Sorry again for being ignorant.
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    The reason that the pins are flat is that ASUS apparently chose not to implement the header for the internal USB 3.0 connector on that motherboard. Most likely they did so to reduce the build cost of the motherboard so that they could offer that one as a budget motherboard. There are also several chips missing from that motherboard(probably the USB 3.0 devices).

    I did a comparison on newegg with your board and the next level of the same board and I noticed that one of the differences is that your board does not have any USB 3.0 functionality listed in the features. You can view that here:

    If you compare the this one ( ) to yours you will see that it has the connector as well as the additional chips installed on it.

    Therefore, your board cannot be made to use USB 3.0 because the chips that are necessary for USB 3.0 are not installed on it.

    You have a couple of choices available to you here.

    1. return the Motherboard and spend a little more money to get the one that has USB 3.0 functionality installed on it.

    2. return the card reader and get one that is compatible with the USB 2.0 headers that you have on your existing motherboard.
  6. Thanks for the digging - very helpful. I thought I was going crazy, with the missing chip, etc. The manual says that it is an option, but it is not. I think I will just end up getting an external reader, such as this -

    Thanks again
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  8. Would this card do the trick and allow me to plus in my card reader?
  9. jag64551 said:
    Would this card do the trick and allow me to plus in my card reader?

    Yes it will.
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