Replacing a Motherboard...good idea?

here's the deal. I have a HP Presario SR5450F with a Foxconn Micro ATX MB. about 3 1/2 yrs old. this MB is MCP73M01H1. I think the MB went bad as I cannot boot at all. I get one long (15 sec) beep immediately at power video whatsoever. this just repeats itself with at 5 sec intervals. I thought it was the CPU so I replaced that and still had the same problem. I pulled the memory sticks one at a time but made no difference and also checked all connections.

my research indicated that one long beep like this is a serious CPU or system problem. I was thinking of replacing the MB but I'm not sure what potential problems I may have such as BIOS, chipset drivers, power supply connections,etc since I would be booting from the old hard drive with Vista. I don't have recovery disks for this system.

is this a good idea or should is it too many potential headaches? obviously I would like to reuse the case, PSU, disk, memory maybe, DVD burner, etc.
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  1. What is your budget?
  2. $360 would give u machine that will beat this old one in every task and will be at least 2-3 times faster.

    Would u do this change? New mobo+CPU+RAM and reuse some old parts.
  3. I was thinking about $100 or less for the MB. I would have to be socket 775 to reuse the CPU and I'm not sure if i could even get one with that socket anymore?
  4. OK, I just when u need to invest in to the old PC,

    it is mostly better to get a new one : ))

    But if u want to just upgrade mobo, get one of these,
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