Can i paint over the aluminum

i have a gmc r-3 corona pc case and want to paint the frame and insides black matte.
two issues though:
1. the case is held together with pop rivets, so breaking it down into parts does not look too optional.
2.can i just spray paint over the aluminum frame and insides or do i have to sand down, primer and then paint over the aluminum?

any thoughts?

here's a reference link to what the corona looks like, frame and interior:
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  1. If the case is new, then chances are that the insides are clean. As long as there is no dirt, or oil, paint will adhere well. Since it is the insides, the painting is not critical.

    Place the open case on the driveway on a calm day (no wind) and use the can of spray paint about 12" away from the surfaces to be painted. Paint light, thin coats, maybe two coats, and let the paint dry before the application of the next coat. Mask the areas that you do not want painted.

    If you are new to painting, practice on a piece of cardboard in order to get a feel for the paint coverage.

    I don't see any problems.
  2. If its aluminum I think you need to prime it first so the paint won't chip/bubble.

    However, spraying a case that size sounds a bit painful. See if you can find local powder-coater, It shouldn't cost too much while giving you a consistent finish.
  3. Powder coating will provide a coating thickness of 2 to 2.5 mils; heavier on sharp corners. This may cause the HDDs to not slide in smoothly in the HDD cage. That's why I suggested the spray can painting. Light coat.
  4. You can always drill the rivets witha 3mm bit, then use flathead screws to fasten it all back together, I say flathead because you might have rivets where a sidepanel is supposed to sit, if its at the front/rear and not in anythings way, I use normal case hex-heads usually (Also sprayed black)
    I sand lightly, no primer and 2-3 coats of the Matt black goodness follows
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