Evga GTS 450 FTW OC Edition VS Sapphire HD 5770 Standard?

So what do you think good folks?
The Evga GTS 450 FTW OC Edition:
The Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5770:

Which is better?

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  1. 450FTW beats a 5750 but 5770 is still better
  2. 5770, plus you can get a 5770 cheaper than the 450 ftw which is way overpriced (even if it is oc'ed) imo. Get a 5770 and oc it yourself for an even higher performing card... :)

    but for the money you can get a 768mb gtx 460 for cheap now that is the best use of your money if your running a 140-150 dollar budget. This card will beat the 5770 and 450 ftw no problem:


    this is your best buy and it should OC like a demon
  3. what are your full system specs and your monitor resolution so we know if you will be able to run and make use of any of these cards
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