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I need some benchmarks for the reference model of the Asus GTS450 card (ENGTS450 DIRECTCU/DI/1GD5).
I searched the web, but maybe i was doing something wrong cause i couldn't find any benchmarks/comparisons to other cards when it comes to power consumption (load and idle).
Maybe someone can help me out.. I am most interested in comparing it to the reference card's consumption and the HD5770 power consumption. Also, i am very much interested in the power consumptions of the NGTS450 DIRECTCU/DI/1GD5 card when its core is overclocked to at least 850 and if possible, beyond that (around 900 for example) and/or when its memory is oc'd to around 4000/1000 (reference is 3608/902).

Guys, this is only about power consumption. I know how it ranks in performance pre and post oc'ing and in comparison to other mid-range cards.
So anyone who can provide watts benchmarks for this card, especially post oc'ing, it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The above benchmarks are for the TOP version which is factory oc'd and more power hungry than all other models. I am primarily interested in benchmarks for the Asus regular version oc'd to around 850 (plus memory to 1000 if possible).
    Thanks though.
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    yea, the TOP is overvolted, i can't find any power consumption charts for the regular directCU card... but please note asus likes to easter egg video cards so some people actually get the TOP edition when they buy the regular vertion they get the overvolt and the overclock out of the box without paying or asking for it. ( i consider this a good thing )

    reallly though as they left the voltage alone, and if you plan to leave the voltage alone, thier custom pcb and cooler i'd imagine are at least on par with stock, aand as the clocks almost match the msi cyclone i'd imagine power consumtion is probably right where the msi cyclone is at give or take 5-10 watts
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