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This is what I've got for a build, minus case and power supply which I already have. What do you guys think? My plan is to flash the 6950 to 6970 and later do some overclocking and move onto crossfire. Good start?

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  1. The mobo and RAM are too expensive IMO. You can get the UD5 or UD4 or the Asrock Extreme.

    RAM (get 1.5V RAM, the latency is important - the smaller the better not the frequency)

    You can look at this card too for the lifetime warranty (got to activate it on the XFX site)
  2. Would I not notice a difference between 2133 and 1600?

    I admit the mobo is expensive, but its got everything I want so I'm prepared to splurge a little bit there.

    Would the XFX version of the 6950 be as easy to flash as the one I linked? I was told the Gigabytte version has a switch so it would be easy, and I'm not sure what to look for to see if the XFX has the same option.
  3. No difference, only in benchmarks. All the RAM will work at 1333 anyway unless you overclock the RAM. Both video cards have that switch but it seems the Gigabyte has a100% successful unlocking rate in here so you can get that too.

    Here's a pic with the XFX switch
  4. Thanks, I went with the Dominator ram, cause its got a swanky name and was the same price as the gskill, and went with the XFX card as I read pretty successful flashes for that too.
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