AM3 heatsink problem Urgent Help

hi you guys!!

im a first time builder currently building his first build with a x4 955 BE and everything was going fine and dandy till i installed the fan!

i have to say TERRIBLE design from AMD but oh well :heink:

i latched the hook with the look clip first then the normal one (is that right?)

i have to say it tookme hours to get it fixed....10 minute stints of pure madness :pt1cable: before taking a break to recoup my energy and then resume

until it FINALLY clipped on but now if i lock it with the mad lever thing i really think that its gonna snap or damage the mobo or cpu!

its REALLY tight now (I CANt even take it off!!) so do i need to lock with the lever if its already incredibly solid/tight

plus does it matter which way you do it (did i do it wrong??)

any help will be much appreciated!! reply asap plz!! cuz the faster you guys reply the sooner ill get my rig up and going cuz i dont want to fire it up without your guys' O.K.
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  1. Did you release the lever before putting it on? If you did lock it tight becomes tighter!
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