Cable management- Before and after pics. What do you think?

I rebuilt my PC to install a new CPU cooler and to fix my cable management, its not the best, but its much better, and im pretty happy with it. :bounce:



Corsair PSU's are super hard to have good cable management with since there is a ton of extremely thick cables inside of a standard size ATX Case. If you want real good cable mangement i recommend a full tower. Oh yeah and i also put in a Cold Cathode

Mobo- Asus P6X58D Premium
CPU- Intel Core i7 920 with Coolermaster N520 (OC to 3.5 soon)
GPU- EVGA GTX 480 Superclocked
RAM- 6GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator
HDD- 1TB WD Black 7200RPM
PSU- Corsair 850w
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More about cable management pics think
  1. Anyone?
  2. as long as you are happy and air flows.

    Not knowing what kind of case that is, its hard make suggestions.
  3. Looks kind of like an Antec 900 to me, based on the window design, and the fact that there's no behind-mobo routing.

    It's difficult to manage cables without a modular PSU. I personally like the wrapped cables on Corsair PSUs, since the non-wrapped cables on my Antec just move all over the place.
  4. Yeah its an Antec 900, sorry for not putting that in there. It was a pain, and i have the newer version of the antec 900 that does have the routing behind the mobo. but i didnt use that. i just used the holes on the side of the mobo.
  5. Looks a lot better!
  6. Looks a lot better! It's hard cable managing when you don't have a lot of options in your case, that's why you have to get creative.
  7. With the newer version (not the newest but the Antec 902) cable management is so much easier. Here is my results.
  8. Wish my Antec 300 could've looked that nice. Not a ton of places to run all of my PSU and fan cables ;)
  9. Haha, Boiler, I actually was thinking of challenging myself on my next build. I think I'm going to do some case modding on the Illusion (If I do do the build). Thinking Window, Painted black, cut out the honey comb fan guards, and cable management holes. You should buy a dremel and cut out a hole for the psu!
  10. The 300 is a good mod case, since it's quite simple. The cable management is really the only downside to the case, since it doesn't really have any. I wish I had the time to plan and do those mods, but I don't :(

    Off topic: Here's a sweet mod of the 300:
  11. Yeah I saw that mod. Not really to my liking. But you know what can you do. I've always wanted to do an Artic camo kind of paint or digital camo, but never got to it on my 902. Always fearful since it is my only case.
  12. aznshinobi said:
    With the newer version (not the newest but the Antec 902) cable management is so much easier. Here is my results.

    Wow dude that looks real nice. Love the cathode lol. Looks very clean to me.
  13. Btw is my CPU cooler upside down? Or is it supposed to be like that?
  14. It looks ok. As long as it mounted properly and the fans are pointed the right way you should be fine. It looks like it would be the same if you rotated the cooler anyway.
  15. Yeah myaz you can just do a dremel mod for the cable management hole. If you want though.
  16. That's how I modded my Antec 900's:

    I bought my cases back when there were few other options for airflow.
  17. OWNED.

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