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Asus P9X79 motherboard with i7 3820 won't boot

I just put together my first PC in years. When I tried to boot it the CPU LED lights up and stays lit and nothing shows on my monitor. I thought maybe the BIOS needed an update since the 3820 is newer than the board, unfortunately this didn't work. Is my motherboard bad, or is there something stupid I may be doing?

My build:
Asus P9x79
intel i73820
EVGA gefore gtx 560 ti
4x4 kingston 1600mhz ram
OCZ agility 3 120 GB SSD
OCZ zx 850w PSU
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  2. Thanks, I was doing something pretty stupid. I didn't have the 8 pin CPU connector plugged in...
    Oh well, that solved that issue, now on to the next.
  3. whats the next one?
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