Want Help Please.

I have a problems My computers is a Acer Asiper (Model m3300) i think... I use Radeon HD6850 series Graphic card for it and that is all. I think this was ok for play game like crysis 1-2 and the GTA IV but i lagg is real good. I get like 10-40 fps in thos game. It dosnt matter the Setting. I want to play them on High seting with alot FPS always 60+ and i was wondering what Part of my computer i need to Upgrad. or is my computer worth to Upgrad?
And is it worth Upgrad Mother Bord?( i dont know what that is...) i dont have much money to use for it. so i am going to find Parts i need to UPGRAD. or my dad sayd he might order a Alienware. BUT i dont want thim to spend money and i still would have wait long time... Can anyone help me? please

Im sorry if i posted this in rong spot im new to forums.
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  1. Im try to ask Acer Asiper Model m3300 with Radeon HD6850. And what parts to upgrad and Much money?

    Or the ALienware Aurora R3. To play the Games Crysis1-2 and the GTA IV

    IS better to upgrad my Acer with parts? or i should Get ALienware Aurora R3?
  2. Can you give us more details about your M3300? There are a number of different models out there. Check what motherboard it is, what CPU you have and the amount of RAM. Also, what settings and resolutions do you play at?

    Depending on these details, it can be MUCH cheaper to upgrade the Acer.
    If your motherboard supports it, you can add another 6850 for crossfire. If not, you can swap it for another graphics card. Still, the 6850 is not bad, but it will not pull Crysis 1 at high FPS at high resolutions. The same for GTA IV. Both these games are poorly optimized, especially GTA IV. But check out Crysis 2 - I am SURE it will run well, and it looks really great.

    About the CPU - again, which one do you have, exactly? From what google tells me, the M3300 can have the Phenom II X3/X4/X6. I don't think you will need to swap the processor, but you will need to overclock it a bit, since most of what is in that Acer model runs below 3 GHz. But you have to check your mobo manual/BIOS to see if it supports overclocking.

    And RAM - how much do you have? This model can have from 2 to 8 GBs. If you have 2- buy more. If you have 4- that's OK, although more would not hurt. If you have 8- that's great.

    So to sum up - more details, please! It is possible that you can make the Aspire a very nice gaming machine for around/less than 200 dollars (just swap/add graphics card, overclock CPU, add some RAM if needed).

    The Aurora R3 is nice, but can cost a lot, depending on config. Besides, you pay extra for the logo. If you decide to get a whole new rig- build one yourself (hey, you can do it with your dad. Parents like to feel included. Yes, I'm serious.):
    1) It's a lot easier than you think,
    2) It's fun and satisfying,
    3) The computer will be cheaper and more powerful than something pre-built for the same money.

    And remember- Crysis 1 and GTA IV are not very typical - they demand much more powerful hardware than they SHOULD.
  3. I dont know how to make computers and Put part together. and my dad gets a headach tryn to cahnge channel on tv :na:

    Sorry if i not give right anser... i really dont know anything about computers.

    CPU is AMD Athlon(tm) II x4 620.

    RAM 4.00gb(3.75gb usable)
  4. OK, the CPU is an older 4-core Propus model, runs at 2.6 GHz. Not a bad processor, but it runs kinda slow, it will bottleneck the graphics card- already does. This means that your graphics card can run games faster, but the CPU cannot keep up. If you overclock your CPU, you can get clearly visible extra performance right now, and even more with a new graphics card.
    Go into your BIOS during POST (Power On Self Test, press Del (might be a different key, watch your monitor) when you see the prompt to enter setup/BIOS). Then check out the BIOS to see of it lets you change processor clocks and voltages. Alternatively, get your motherboard manual- it will tell you if the options are there.
    4GB of RAM is fine, but you may want to consider another 2 or 4. Not strictly necessary, though.

    So, if you're willing to overclock, there's a double benefit here:
    1) faster processor
    2) graphics card that can use more of its power (thanks to point 1.)
  5. IM to wait for new proccesor cuz :fou: i dont know how to use computers :fou:

    just for be Clear... You are say * i need new processor and Maybe i get more Ram* ?

    ANd if i do that i will have a good gaming computer or ok?

    I want to play the games on High seting for 60FPS my computer can do that with new proccser? :bounce:

    Thanks for all the help.
  6. Quote:
    IM to wait for new proccesor cuz :fou: i dont know how to use computers :fou:

    just for be Clear... You are say * i need new processor and Maybe i get more Ram* ?

    ANd if i do that i will have a good gaming computer or ok?

    I want to play the games on High seting for 60FPS my computer can do that with new proccser? :bounce:

    Thanks for all the help.

    OK. This is just to be clear:

    1. Check the motherboard manual. See what processors it supports. If you are running an Athlon 620, I think that means you have a socket AM3 motherboard. The socket is where you put your processor on the motherboard. Socket AM3 supports processors up to the newest Phenom 6-core (1100T), much more powerful than your Athlon. However, since your computer (and therefore the motherboard) was bought around 2 years ago, you will need to find an updated BIOS, if one exists. So check your motherboard manufacturer, go to their website, see if you can find a BIOS update. If there is one, you flash your BIOS (copy new BIOS over the old one, this is very easy to do), and your motherboard will be compatible with newer processors. START BY CHECKING THE MOTHERBOARD MANUAL.

    2. Your graphics card is good, but NO, you will not be able to run everything at 60+ FPS and high detail. You would need a new graphics card for that. This does not depend on the CPU: right now, your CPU is too slow for your graphics card, but this card is not powerful enough to do what you want, even with the best processor.

    3. 4 GB of RAM is barely OK. So yes, get more RAM if you want to reduce stuttering in games (streaming loads).

    So find out EXACTLY which motherboard you have, then we can find out what can be done with it. If the BIOS can be flashed, you can put this processor in it:
    plus this graphics card:
    plus RAM. I cannot suggest RAM, since I do not know what motherboard you're using and what sticks you already have in there.
    These are quite powerful components. You can get slightly weaker but cheaper ones. They would make your PC a good gaming machine and still be MUCH cheaper than a new alienware PC. But you have to do the research and put some effort into it.

    Again, very important: check what motherboard you have. I am not an expert on AMD, and we need to know for sure if this is socket AM2+ or AM3.
  7. manufacturer Acer
    Model FRS780M
    Chip Set AMD 780G
    South Bridge AMD SB700
    LPCIO ITE IT8720

    that is my motherbord i think... If its not it be cuz i dont know computers :P i keep sayn it. but Im am get sleeping... so im to go to bed tomorow i will post mother bord from find out How on GOOGLE. if its not it.
  8. OK, If your mobo is the FRS780M, this is what i can tell you:

    The fastest Phenom II X4 for it will be the Phenom II X4 925

    The fastest Phenom II X6 for it will be the Phenom II X6 1065T.
    Currently unavailable on newegg.

    This based on the TDP (thermal design power) of your current processor, which is 95W. It is very possible that the mobo can supply more power. Best thing you can do is to simply contact Acer support and ask them EXACTLY what processors are supported by your motherboard/what is the fastest supported processor.

    Your memory is dual channel, you have 4 memory slots on the mobo. With 4 GB memory, you have either 2x2GB or 4x1GB installed. If you have 2x2GB, you can add 2x2GB. If you have 4x1GB, you will have to remove them and buy all new RAM (4x2GB would work better than 2x4GB).
  9. Ok.
    If i put Phenom II x4 925 and More ram will computer be good for crysis?

    ANd is it worth to upgrad a Motherbord.. Cuz i might upgrad 3 part...Mother BOrd CPU and RAM.... My computer is worth it?

    Or its to be better from ordering a a new computer?

    i want to use this computer in Future if i can always Upgrad and make parts new D:. or i should buy a new computer?
  10. I want a computer that is able to keep up to date and i was wondering when my mother bord cant use the best processor can i upgrade motherbord and put my old computer stuff onto it? or is this to much work? or even worth doing?
  11. Hi i was wonder were is a good company i order computer from?

  12. I would suggest building one it really isnt that hard.

    Where do you live?

    I could recommend some pre-built systems, just DONT buy a Dell machine.
  13. Quote:
    I would suggest building one it really isnt that hard.

    Where do you live?

    I could recommend some pre-built systems, just DONT buy a Dell machine.

    I live in canada.
    Could you recomend some pre buiolt systems? :D I know nothing about computers
    and dont have the time really to learn and make one.

    Would also like to know what is so bad about Dell and the ALienware computers
    People just simply say ther over priced... and all that tells me is that you dont have the money( i dont ither but still lol) And i really like ther 50$months dealys its makes it easyer to buy cuase i cant give 1500$ all at one time right now.
  14. Well if you have money to burn you can go with Dell but as you said you use Dell's $50 month Delays then buy a system with Buy-it-now from paypal? that is cheaper and performs better, $800 Dell PC= $450-$500 custom (with better case and Power supply)
  15. well i dont have moeny to burn and i never used the 50$month dealy. I said i like that...cause it would let me buy somthing that is 3000$ And all i get is around 50$ a month from my father :D

    Never heard of Buy-it-now.

    And since everyone is haten on Dell i dont want to order from them.. (yall did a good job makn me hate somting i dont know lol) So is ther anyother company's that offer a Monthly fee or w/e?
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