Buying New Mobo - Specifications?

So I learned that my board is out, and I never got any beeps from it when it went (the video at least), so I assume (and the tech repair guy) that the rest of the legacy works.

That's not my point though, as I am looking for one that will fit my parts.

I had a Foxconn nforce 630i/nvidia 7100. The socket: 775 and 2xDDR2. Now my question is, if I buy a new board with the same socket size and same ram slot size, should the rest of the parts be compatible (PSU, Hard Drive, Disk drive), or are there other things to look for?
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  1. nope you dont have to change em unless you get a board with DDR3 DIMMS then you will have to get DDR3 rams other than that you are fine
  2. I'd go for a g31 chipset; they all use ddr2 and most don't cost more than $50. Your chipset is rare; hasn't been made for awhile. You can find the g31 boards at newegg, computer geeks or numerous other sites. Some p45 boards may also use ddr2, but cost more and require a separate video card. You may have to format and reinstall windows; you'll just have to boot up and try it. If windows gets stuck in a loop, you'll have to format. If your system is oem by dell, hp, etc. then you may need a new windows coa and dvd.
  3. I'm not good on comparisons, but what is the comparison between my old graphics chipset and the Intel GMA line. Where do they stand with each other?
  4. And actually...I think my CPU might be using DD3, I'll have to check when I pick it up tomorrow, as it wouldn't fit in my current desktop, which uses DD2.
  5. Core2 duos and am3 cpus can work with either ddr2 or ddr3 ram, depending on the motherboard. But newer 1155 and am3+ only work with ddr3.
  6. Alright, say I have the exact same motherboard (a working copy basically), what kind of issues might I experience when using my old legacy parts?
  7. Check out some videos if you don't know how to change a motherboard: If you install it correctly, your old windows operating system will boot up as before.
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