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Sorry this is my first post here but im having an issue with my NZXT phantom case. I'm thinking it might be a PSU issue. Basically when I first moved my components to this case as soon as I got the fan controller plugged in and all the fans into the fan controller the fans would cut on as soon as the psu would receive power. The fans only idle at their lowest speed and I have to cut of the PSU in order to fully power them down (which is annoying). What could be causing this to happen?

I also noticed that when I have the fan controller plugged in my CPU fan wants to kind of move a little and it's not even plugged into the darn thing!

Does it seem like a PSU problem or a faulty fan controller?
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  1. basically I want my fans to completely power down when connected to the fan controller.
  2. Faulty case wiring,maybe. Seems strange.
  3. When i isolate the fan controller from the system the fans work fine. It's got to either be power supply related or fan controller related or incompatibility with the two (not likely). Any other ideas from the community?
  4. When i say isolate i mean plug them into regular 3 pin to molex power adapters.
  5. It sounds like a BIOS option for controlling the fans is engaged, check your BIOS to ensure that you don't have any fan control operating. Otherwise you'll have to use molex for those fans. Most fan controllers require 12V molex connections anyway.
  6. My fans are not currently plugged into the motherboard though... im trying to use the hard ware fan controller that came with the case which im starting to just think is defective.
  7. The fan controller is powered by a single molex then you plug all the fans into the adapter which can then control them individually. This setup is what causes them to turn on when i flip the on switch on my power supply. What im trying to get at it the motherboard should be completely out of the equation..
  8. im just about to say screw it and say i learned my lesson and will never buy another nzxt product... fair enough ^_^
  9. tr00p3r said:
    im just about to say screw it and say i learned my lesson and will never buy another nzxt product... fair enough ^_^

    You confused me with the comment about the 3-4 pin adapters..I assumed you had plugged the fans into the mobo. It does seem likely that poor wiring is to blame.

    I have a phantom, but have hardly unboxed it yet as I have some quite extensive modding plans for it. It is a very nice case though.
    Its just a little fan controller so it should be easily remedied..
    I recommend you contact RMA at NZXT ASAP. Also you might consider adding a review on newegg as the manufacturers often have workers surf the reviews to catch problems and correct them as soon as possible. I've seen them correct problems within 24 hours this way. This seems a minor issue considering the quality of the case but I would be pissed too. Give NZXT a chance to make it right.
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    here is a link to the NZXT Phantom forum. they might be able to help you with the specifics of the built in Fan controller.

    NZXT has a very good tech support team, if the fan controller is at fault they will send you a replacement.
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  12. Thanks for the replies. I have contacted NZXT service and am waiting for a reply. hopefully they will send me a new controller or something.
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