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I just purchased components for a new computer. I have yet to assemble anything, I have been spending some time reading my manuals. While going over the manual for my Motherboard I noticed that the memory I purchases did not show up on the QVL. I then went to to the website of the memory manufacturer, and discovered the same problem.

I have an ASUS P8Z68-VPRO/GEN3

The memory is G.SKILL SNIPER DDR3-1866 PC3-14900 1.5V (4096MB x2 CL 9-10-9-28) DIMM is compatible with board configuration. 240.

What causes me to question is that on the G.Skill site they have the p9z68-vpro, listed as compatible with my memory, but not the vpro/gen3. The memory also states that it is compatible with the intel z68 chipset.

Am I just over thinking this?

Thank You,

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  1. you are over thinking it ,they will work just fine
  2. Hi there Michael,

    U can use it, it is 1.5V. P9z68-v Pro uses a different CPU. U have P8Z68.

    Yes it is compatible, even if it is not on QVL list. It just means that the RAM was not certified(Corsair didn't pay for the cert. process).

    It was also released after the mobo was. And nobody has all the RAM certified, as they make too many to list them all :))

    i7, i5 socket 1155 is @ 1333MHz and 1.5v requirement.

    It will run on your RAM , but if u will not OC @ past 4.5GHz, it is not really needed.
  3. I didn't think that the 2133 DDR3 would work in my mobo until I tried it out (after
    a recent RMA) but it does. And runs like a raped ape.
  4. Thanks everyone.

    I bought this build for my birthday gift to myself. I intend to assemble and fire it up this week.

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