Gts 250

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guys im using this card on a 400w psu with 15A
the box says requires 550w with 40A

but i was just trying out till i get money for a new psu

but as u can see the specs doesnt matchup the regular gts 250
the cuda cores etc are far less

is it coz of my low psu or hav i bean cheated

the card is however working fine with no probs

plz help
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  1. Is this a low power GTS250?
  2. no idea
    it doesnt says anything like that on the box nor manual
    besides its power requiremnts r more than given on nvidia site
  3. According to it's shader count it's either an 8800 or 9800GT not a GTS250.
  4. but rest of specs lik date n transistors etc are same as gts 250

    so u tryin to say iv been cheated n should return it
  5. I would return it if I were in your position as a GTS250 is listed as having 128 shaders not 112.
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