Asus m4a785-m won't post, but all fans are spinnig

One day my computer stop working. When i turn on i have no video, i dont hear any beep, but all fans including CPU fan are spinnig
The mothe board is Asus m4a785-m, cpu athlon ii x4 630, 4 g ocz memoty .I have change the power supply, the same problem, i tested the cpu on another motherboard is working, Even when i take out the ram, and start the computers usualy should hear 3 beep(no ram), but i dont hear any error beep. Normaly i used the video card ONBOARD, but i tested with another video card on pcie slot, no result, the same problem. What could be the problem?Video card onboard?
The motherboard is 2 years old, so normaly is in warranty. But damn number of asus customer service is always busy.
How can i get a rma from asus?
Thank you
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  1. I have the identical problem, but it only happens when I try to boot the machine when it is warm from running all day. Cold posts and boots fine and a 'restart' will post and boot fine. There is only a problem when the machine is warm. Thoughts?
  2. me i suspect there is something wrong with video onboad. I left one day whitout battery to reset bios, but no change. Dont want to post. I did all the tests. Something happened with the motherbord.
  3. @RasorFish do a good clean up for dust and check if you got enough air mouving around in the case and out of it

    @octavien could you try a pci-e graphic card and disable the onboard to see if it is the video onboard part that is defective or the motherboard itself
  4. I already put a video card on pcie, same problem. I have RMA from Asus, next week i will send the MOBO.
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