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Have a Compaq laptop about a year and a half old. was working fine then turned it on yesterday and the entire keyboard does not work, everything comes up fine just cant type anything or use the keyboard for anything other than to look at. Any help is appreciated
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  1. 1) Can you get to BIOS (does the keyboard work before your computer loads Windows?)
    2) If you plug in an external keyboard, does that help? You should USB keyboard AND a ps/2 keyboard.
  2. I have plugged in an external keyboard and that works but its a pain in the butt.
  3. disconnect external keyboard
    open computer,
    right click on an empty space, click properties. click Device Manager to the top right, look for keyboard. if you see a keyboard and it doesn't work, then it broke.
    if there's nothing under the keyboard category, then there're two possibilities:
    1. it broke.
    2. the connection became lose.
    you might not want to open the laptop and check for the plug, but a lose connection is always a possibility.
    or maybe there's a software fix, maybe it's a common problem for your model of laptop, do some research.
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