Cdboot: couldn't find BOOTMGR

this link is exactly what issue I am having. Did by luck pick up a DVD drive for $16 that's in the mail now though. I'll keep messing around. Put a DVD movie in it just to make sure and no problems ether. Any ideas?
Checked Tom's and all the forum Q's that mach mine are unanswered. Start a new one I guess.


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Microsoft Windwos 2000/ XP/ Vista

that does not say windows 7!

I'll wait for it to come in the mail. but one review says it does not boot windows 7; what luck in this day and age. Guess for $16 I was not getting that great a deal; or that is why it is on sale.
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  1. The drive is plugged in, you will need DVD playback software. The drive may not be detected until you run the windows 7 "drive detect" wizard, it's located in my computer 7 does not seem to find drives on its own until you run the detect.
  2. I can here the drive "clicking", spinning then some more "clicking"from the moving parts . Tried with a really old drive I had and same thing. Can the drive physically operate and not serve any function? Both drives were trying to perform a function while reading the M7 DVD. When I try to open the DVD in windows the drive freezes (not responding). Stick a movie in and it starts playing.

    Thanks a lot for the help
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