Best GTX 560 Ti to buy?


which of this 2 video card is better ??

my pc :

phenom ii x6 1090t
790xt-g45 msi
4 gb ram
ultra lsp 650
hdd 500 gb black caviar WD

MSI GTX 560 Twin Frozr


the ASUS GTX 560 DirectCU II

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  1. MSI GTX 560 TI Twin Frozr, since the ASUS DirectCU tends to get a bit noisy.
  2. there really isn't a loser with either card build, but i'd tip my hat to the twin frozr
  3. If I were buying a GTX560, I would go for the Gigabyte Superoverclock:
    Factory OC'ed at 1000mhz and also the coolest and quietest.
  4. Idk, you could get:

    Twin FrozrII: 880 Mhz - 3Yr Warranty - Dual Fan
    DirectCU Top: 900Mhz - 3Yr Warranty - Dual Fan
    EVGA -AR: 900Mhz - Lifetime Warranty - Single Fan :(
    Gigabyte: 1000Mhz - 1Yr Warranty - Dual Fan

    All seem like good choices. For me im still confused because I'm a complete NOOB to overclocking a GPU and I'm worried I would fry one and then be screwed :(
  5. its easy to overclock a gpu with today's tools... basically download msi afterburner and drag the bars to desired lvls and load a game to see if its stable
  6. In the reviews I am reading, I am seeing most GTX560's reaching overclocks in the mid to upper-900mhz range. For example, techpowerup was only able to get the Asus DirectCU up to 930mhz.

    With the Gigabyte coming factory overclocked at 1000mhz and able to overclock even higher, says a lot about the chips they use and the effectiveness of the cooler.
  7. Quote:
    TPU didn't use any voltage tweaks. Others who have pushed more voltage have hit 1060 core

    Do you have a link to those reviews that used voltage tweaking?

    Guru3d is the home of Afterburner and they usually use voltage tweaking, but not on the GTX560 reviews. Without voltage tweaking, they got the vanilla GTX560 up to 980mhz and the Gigabyte SOC up to 1044mhz, again without voltage tweaking.

    This review of the Asus DirectCU was able to apply voltage tweaking for a top OC of 1009mhz.

    This review has the MSI Twin Frozr getting up to 1030mhz with Afterburner applied voltage tweaking:
  8. Get the MSI, reviews with several different GTX 560s together have shown it to be much cooler than other brand.

    The Asus one looks good from the outside, but if you take it apart and compare the heatsinks:

    I think the winner between those two is pretty clear.
  9. ^^^

    Minimialistically smart design by Asus? I think so, so under load the MSI stays 10 degrees colder and only a couple in idle. I remember the reviewers always sayiing the cooling design on the asus was great
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