Thermaltake 450watt PSU incl. with V2 case


I was wondering if this PSU is good/adequate for my needs and whether it is expected to last for at least a couple years.

Its specs:

-450 W ATX 12V
-120mm fan x1
-24P, PATAx2, FDDx1, SATA x 3
-115V / 230V

This is going to be powering a system built around a Phenom II x6 1090T BE and either a Radeon HD 6770/GeForce GTX 550 Ti. No overclocking of any sort is planned. Would the vidcards be the limit of the system, or could I go beyond that and use a GeForce GTX 460 SE/Radeon HD 6790 instead?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, your opinions are much appreciated! :)
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  1. It is not the best nor the worst PSU and should be able to handle the cards listed!
  2. what manufacturer makes the psu? and what are the 12v rails specs?
  3. What is the Thermaltake model number of the PSU?

    The TT-450 model that came with the V2 didn't even have any PCI-E connectors.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, you were all very helpful!

    Re: rolli59

    Thanks! I wasn't very sure about a generic PSU included, but now I'll have fun picking out a video card.

    Re: r3xx3r

    It is manufactured by Thermaltake and is included with its V2 case. I'm not quite sure about the specs on the 12v, but ko888 provided a link to the specs of the PSU, which I'll relink again:

    Re: ko888

    The model number of the PSU is the TT-450. Thanks for the tip, I just found out it did not have a PCI-E connector after opening the case up and was disappointed.
    But it does have 2 4-pin Molex cables, so I'll just buy a 6-pin PCI-E adaptor and live with that. :D
  5. The PSU is crappier than I thought, amazing that they do not have any PCIe connectors and they do not show the max rail loads!
  6. Hm...what problems could arise if the max rail loads are not shown? Would this mean a significantly lower output than the stated 450?
  7. Thermaltake was known to label their power supplies with peak values.

    If it is indeed 450W peak then its continuous power rating is more like 360W.

    Even if the continuous power rating were 360W some of those older models were known to be incapable of delivering their continuous power rating.

    Realistically it may be a 330W PSU.
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