How to set the resolution on an external monitor

argh subsection isn't correct.. made me choose one!

I have a Samsung BX2235 external monitor and a Macbook Pro laptop....
When i plug the monitor into the laptop the resolution is awful. Read that I should then close the laptop.. to put it to sleep and then move the external mouse/hit key on external keypad to wake it up and then it should revert to the monitors max resolution...

That does help, a bit... but its still not great...
When i go to system preferences / displays it is then opening a box headed (SMBX2235) so it is recognizing the screen but the Max resolution to choose from there is is 1600x1200 or 1600x900. The screen's optimum is 1920x1080 (written on the box it came in!) .
Same thing if i select the drop down up on the toolbar.. max to choose is as above

How do i set it so that its at its best!!? it's making my eyes hurt i feel like i need glasses!!!
p.s. I'm not super smart on computers so please explain it clearly!! :)
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  1. Well we don't normally help people on the dark side (mac owners) but i suppose i'll see what i can do.

    What is the actual resolution that you describe as 'awful'?

    What connection type are you using to plug into your monitor?
  2. Oh really!? OK great, well thanks, I appreciate it!

    I think it is 1600x900....

    If i select the monitor icon on the top toolbar it has two sections

    1. SMBX2235 Which is at 1600x900
    2. Color LCD Which is at 1280x800

    I'm guessing one is the laptap screen resolution, and one the Monitor?

    The laptop is razor sharp and the monitor blurry in comparison.

    The connection hmmm....
    I bought a connector adaptor cable.. it isn't USB, i know that much... smaller, rectangular... goes in the slot next to the usb - The icon for it is a rectangle with a line on each side.

    Now i can't even seem to get an improved resolution but closing the laptop - its not helping!

    Thanks for your help.
  3. DisplayPort adapter? What does the adapter transform into (I.E HDMI, DVI, VGA)?

    The reason the monitor is looking blurry is because the resolution being displayed it not what is known as the monitors 'native resolution' i.e the maximum resolution the monitor can display. The Samsung BX2235's native resolution is 1080, which is what you want to be aiming for. Because you are displaying in 1600x900 rather than 1920x1080, the pixels have to re-sort themselves to accomodate this lower than native resolution, resulting in the weird blurryness as you say.

    Before you ask, the colour LCD (laptop screen) is displaying at a lower resolution than the monitor and so wouldn't that be the same situation? No, that monitor's native resolution must be 1280x800, which is what is being displayed and therefore razor sharp as you describe it.

    When you click on (what i assume to be) the drop down box to change the resolution of the Samsung BX2235, what options do you see?
  4. I assume you're using the miniDP to DVI adapter? What DVI cable is included with your monitor? See here for cable types
    I believe the apple adapter is a DVI-D receptacle. If your monitor cable is DVI-I, I'm not sure how you connected them.
  5. Ok..

    The options to change in the drop down menu are : 1024 x 768, 60 hz (stretched), 1600 x 900, 60 hz (NTSC television), 1600 X 1200, 60 Hz (NTSC Television).

    The connection is the DVI-D (Single link).... into the Mini DVI port on the mac.

  6. Try using external monitor only. Power on and close the lid immediately.
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