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Are there any Virtual machine programs / hardware configurations (Graphics Cards) that are able to pass the graphics rending to the graphic card?

Currently my rig is using VMware (the free version) and it doesnt seem to touch the Graphics card at all, using only the CPU for these tasks.

Are there any Graphics cards designed such that virtual machines are able to take advantage of them? If is there a specific virtual machine software to do this?

I appreciate your help greatly!

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  1. The only thing I could think of would be some sort of virtualization program that could run off of Cuda for an Nvidia card.

    Virtualization is, to my knowledge, CPU exclusive.
  2. VMware Workstation 7 supports DX9 and OpenGL 2.13D. Fusion on the Mac side also provides hardware support.
  3. UniqueName, I see no mention anywhere fusion states its able to connect and use the native graphics card for vm rendering.

    I see SOME thing tho, VMWare Unity. While not mentioned in the specs, in the debugging process the graphics card on the host seems to be a large factor. After "stealing" the window from a vm, does the host machine take over processing while its in the hands of the host?
  4. The problem is your trying to run an OS, which has its own implementation of displaying what is on the screen, inside another OS that already has exclusive control of teh display. Hence why GPU acceleration typically isn't supported, as you'd need to comunicate messages back and forth from the host OS, which takes a lot of time, overhead, and defeats the purpose of highly optimized GPU accelerated API's in the first place.
  5. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but figured my results needed posting.

    1090t without a graphics card, using only the integrated.
    3dmark06 - 2034

    Installed a 470 I picked up at bestbuy.
    3dmark06 - 4500

    The gpu scores over trippled!
    The CPU ones didn't move at all. ( went down about 10% ??)

    This was running 4 virtual machines. 3 running a light load and the 4th doing the test.

    Test was done inside the virtual machine. It still did not recognize the graphics card in any way, but clearly it does impact the vm's despite all the literature saying opposite.

    Maybe I should try a workstation / cad drawing graphics card next.
  6. No, you can not do what you are asking, its the whole reason why you cant game in XP visualization mode under W7. I cant remember which card it is but the Visualization program emulates a pretty crappy GPU from years ago.

    Mactronix :)
  7. I should have been more clear,

    This was using VMWare player, not the native Windows.

    It's not great, but if you don't care about eye candy, it WORKS.

    I can now open 5 windows of eve on a single computer using vm Windows. When I get my I7 2600 who knows how many I can do. :)

    My 1090t went byby.
  8. Thanks for the post. Very useful information. The Lucidlogix stuff from a few days ago also deals with GPU virtualization.
    Can Lucidlogix Right Sandy Bridge’s Wrongs? Virtu, Previewed
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