Need a help with PSU's connectors

Hello everyone. I have a big question to ask you. I am planing of getting a 9800GTX.

It says that you need 6 pin connector but on my psu i have only 2x4pin ones. Can I use adapter for this? Or what should I do, to make sure I wont burn video card.

I have ATX 450W PSU with 2x4pin connectors
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  1. You will need a 6-pin PCI-E connector. Would you like me to recommend a PSU?
  2. I can't use modem for 6 pin? and what PSU do u advice?
  3. That is the one I have and I love it. Tell me if you want me to recommend one with lower price or something. With that, you would be able to SLI those 9800GTXs.
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