Gateway 4620D Wont post, no keyboard lights, no mouse lights, HELP ME!

I have a gateway E-4620D and i have had it for a while then one day i went and ate dinner came back and now it just comes on but the monitor doesn't act like it's hooked up (tried different ones.) No keyboard lights, No mouse lights, but the fans run and the light works on the case. It does NOT beep either. I don't remember if it was supposed to or not?

I have another computer that is almost like it but it an hp (but all the parts are compatible except processors, ones AMD ones Intel.) I have changed Power supply, New Mother Board, New battery in mother board, changed hard drive, disk drives. I am all out of ideas. I think the only thing I havn't changed is the processor. I just don't know if it would be the processor.

Anyone know what it should be doing if my cpu was bad?
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  1. You say you installed a new motherboard. Please check the 4-pins (or 8-pins) power connector for supplying power to the CPU. (CPUs rarely fail under normal use).
  2. I checked it everything looks in order. I have put this power supply in another computer and it work perfectly.
  3. There is a 99% probability that some of the OST capacitors on the motherboard have failed. This is a known problem with this model.
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