New System Build stopped working after display change

Good evening. This week I built a new gaming PC. This was the first PC I have built on my own and everything went great initially. I had it up and running in my office on my standard Monitor using a DVI cable between the video card and the monitor. My video card also has an HDMI out on the back so I decided it would be fun to hook up to the big screen in the living room. I hooked it up and everything worked fine. After that I took it back into the office and plugged it into the regular monitor with the DVI cable again. At this point I began getting a CMOS Checksum error.

The Checksum error came with two options. I could either enter setup, or press F2 to load defaults and proceed. I hit F2 and it looked like it was going to load windows but it never loaded. The screen just stayed black. So I powered down, restarted, and now the monitor gets no signal at all. The power to the computer still works, all the fans kick on, but the display never comes on. I tried to take it back out to the big screen TV to plug it in there again and the problem still persisted.

Any tips that anyone may have are greatly appreciated... this is my build. (It's a little overkill, but I wanted to have a little fun...)

MSI 890FXA-GD65 AMD Socket AM3 Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X6 - 1090T BE 3.2 Ghz
16GB Corsair CMX4GX3M1A1333C9 XMS3 DDR3 RAM
XFX HD-695A-CNFC AMD Radeon HD 6950 2GB Graphics Card
Intel X25M 120 GB Solid State Drive
Diablotek 750-Watt ATX Power Supply PHD750
Liteon 24X DVDrw Sata Retail
Antec the Swifter Mid-Tower Dark Fleet Enclosure DF-30 (Black)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
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  1. Start narrowing down the problem. Unhook everything but the cpu and one stick of RAM. If it gives you a single beep then you can elimnate the PSU, CPU, mobo, and memory as problems....
  2. Thanks for the Reply. That's one frustrating thing about the MOBO is that it doesn't beep. It only beeps if there is no ram plugged in or if I don't have the power cables plugged in to my video card. I did, however, try these trouble shooting steps. I went down to one stick of RAM, the processor, and the Video Card. It did not give me an error beep, but the display still was blank. It doesn't even give me the MOBO screen that I can use to access the BIOS.

    I know the monitor is fine because I plug it into my other PC and it works just fine. At this point I feel like it has to be the video card. It seems odd that the problem started after I used the HDMI cable to connect it to the TV, and then when I went back to the monitor in the office the problem occured. Does changing the video input cable in the video card make any changes to the BIOS that could cause this?
  3. It very well could be your GPU. However, since you moved locations a couple of times, it could be something as simple as the the GPU coming unseated. Before you get too frustrated with the computer, open it up and re-seat the GPU and try again. If you are lucky, it could be as simple as that. :D
  4. I noticed you have a diablotek psu, they are not very good. You might not be getting enough juice to your gpu.
  5. I did take the GPU out and re-seated it. Unfortunately the problem persisted. At this point I have set up a return for the GPU and they're shipping a replacement overnight (I love If that doesn't work I'll have to try the PSU next. I noticed the fan on the video card winding up and down. Sounds like it's struggling just a little bit. I'll give that a shot for now and see how it goes.
  6. Do you have an extra gpu that doesn't require a power connector? or a friend that does? I would try that.
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