Problem with keyboard and mouse and the bios?

Hey there.. I am in really uncool situation. I was trying to reinstal windows for my personal computer, i went to bios and i dont know why but i applied fail-safe booting. So now i can't use my keyboard nor mouse. For my to be able to use it, i think, i would have to enter password and fully login and then it would work. But because my keyboard wont work ,i cant type the pass.. I also tried using keyboard on my laptop, it worked fine. Is there any way i can fix this nonsense ? I cant open bios or boot menus or smth cos my keyboard wont function. Any ideas?
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  1. Try resetting the bios. Take out the battery on your mobo and replace it after a few minutes. See if it solves the problem.
    Cuz if your keyboard stopped working after you made changes in the bios, resetting it is your best bet...
  2. First, don't double post the same question.

    Second, try resetting your BIOS. Use the BIOS jumper or pull the motherboard battery. The steps to do so are:

    1. Disconnect all power sources (including the monitor and powered speakers).
    2. Press power button to discharge any residual power in the system.
    3. Open case.
    4. Locate the BIOS jumper and move to alt postion and then back to the original position (shorts the battery) -OR- remove the motherboard battery, wait a few seconds and then replace the battery.
    5. Reverse the previous steps.
    6. Power on system and enter BIOS to reconfigure settings as needed. The system will be back in its default state when you power it back on.

    Good luck!
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