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Dual GTX 285 SLI Equivalent

I'm wondering what would be equivalent to the two GTX 285's that I have in my system. I keep up with all the current benchmarks and all, but they are no longer including the 285's on comparison charts, let alone in SLI configuration. I'm not sure if it would be worth upgrading the cards or if they would be good for another year if not longer. I run a lot of basic graphic design stuff, 3D rendering, and AutoCAD. Nothing crazy but thats the stuff I do on a regular basis. When I find time I game as much as I can, which sadly isn't a lot. I'm not looking to get into any professional graphics, cost is far to high and the consumer stuff has always been fine for my tasks. Thanks for any input.
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    One gtx 285 = about a hd6850, so pretty good. You should be fine with SLIed GTX 285s for about two more years. No need to upgrade. See? Your better than a GTX 480 with an SLI configuration. The GTX480 is a very strong card too. So, unless you start gaming like a pro, you will not need any more than two GTX285s. Also, because you mostly do casual things, really, any more than two GTX 285s is a waste.
  2. @HostileDonut: I didn't realize anandtech had that comparison database. thats awesome! thank you guys for your answers.
  3. No problem! ;)
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