Crossfire HD 5750?

Hello i have an MSI HD 5750

so im upgrading my pc so i thought that id crossfire my graphics card and i looked to see if
i can to a crossfire bridge in it and i dnt attact one so irang scan up the shop i brought
it from n they said you dnt need the bridge to crossfire it does that sound right

this is the graphics card i have got

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  1. You will need a CF bridge, unless there is some new tech that I was not informed about. It will most likely need a bridge.
  2. The MSI R5750-MD1G does CrossFireX through software only.
  3. Here is AMDs chart on the subject.

    Its only the pink ones that don't need an internal bridge and do it through the PCIe bus. As you can see the 5750 does need the bridge.
  4. Looks like KO888 is right. That model doesn't have the "CF fingers" needed for the bridge. This might make it hard to CF as you'll need to find another one that does it through software. If you find another model with no fingers you should be ok.
  5. Oddly the card actually comes with the bridge but has no place to put it. If your motherboard is semi-recent you should be able to crossfire still without the bridge. Not sure if the lack of bridge will affect the crossfire performance though.
  6. That card can scale pretty nicely in crossfire. I hope you get it working. What CPU do you have?
  7. well im getting a hexa core processor and getting a new motherboard i shall link you to both motherboard and processor :)



    thanks for replys people
  8. heyy i rang scan up and they just said its software based out
  9. I highly recommend you spend a bit more for a sandy bridge processor and an appropriate motherboard. The current AMD processors simply cannot compare;
    The difference is pretty huge and that chart ignores overclocking which would only increase the difference by a large margin.
    This would be £47 more if you can afford it;
  10. Go for the Sandy Bridge. It blows the pants off Phenom II x6's in anything not hexa-threaded (almost everything) and keeps up in anything that is (photoshop and some zipping programs, I think).
  11. or at least wait for bulldozer if you really want amd
  12. That's a really cool mobo and a cool processor combo........ whatever you want to do , this rig will do with a lot of ease go for it.
    Unless you're willing to invest every now and then big time, then go for the intel stuff, if you're a budget upgrader go the AMD way, it's cheaper and tough stuff..... not like Intels R&D at the customers expense (eg. faulty pinless SB processors and mobo case of Overclocking.)
    SB maybe out but they still have a lot to work out..... so if you're in the waiting game, I'm sure you'll still end up going the AMD way.....with their later line of CPUs....
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