Best $400 GPU?

I asked the other day the best gpu + PSU I could get for $400 but today I decided to just order the best video card I can get for around $400 and buy my psu from a local shop.

my system:

amd phenom 920 2.8 ghz
4 gb ram
m68m-p2 gigabyte motherboard
antec 900 case

I need something that won't bottle neck this too bad, I know it is low end stuff I basically want the best video card I can get for my price range,

I am thinking either 6970 or a gtx 570 but with a 2.8 ghz processor might bottleneck?
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  1. or a 6950 2gb or 6950 1gb xfx card?
  2. Well, yout stuff is not low end. Just OC the CPU a bit and your good to go. Back to the GPU question. What res. do you play at? A hd5870 is a good card. Maybe the hd6950 and flash it into a hd6970. If you are afraid of flashing, you could get a GTX 570 or a hd6970.
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