12 gigs of ram, only reading 4.

I recently bought 12 gigs worth of ram.

8 gigs came in today and i popped them in and i thought i was ready to go.

I go to my system and...

It shows only four gigs being used.

The one thing i think may be causing this would be that my old 4 gigs is 1333 vs. the eight gigs and the four gigs that should be coming soon at 1600.

But i really have no idea on how to change my setting for them to work, or if i should simply wait for my 4 gigs to show and maybe the problem will fix itself.

Either way i'd appreciate any insight.

Thank you!


These may help.

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  1. You probably are correct: if you are tunning older, slower RAM with faster modules then the mobo will probably default to the loser speed. Take out the old RAM and try the new to see if it runs on your mobo.
  2. First, it's never a good idea to mix-match RAM, next 2x4GB + 1x4GB kills Dual Channel. Use the first (3) DIMM slots. Together, they cannot run DDR3-1600 and you're stuck to DDR3-1333 CAS 9-9-9-24-2T @ 1.50v

    Q - What MOBO?

    Memory Remapping -> Enabled (required for >4GB)

    Keep the DDR3-1600 in SAME colored DIMM slots
    Place the DDR3-1333 in OTHER colored DIMM slot but closet to the CPU

    Typical problems include setting Maximum Memory; set MSCONFIG as shown:
  3. From what I see you are running the 32 bit version of Win7. 32 Bit OS can only use up to 4gig of ram. Note also that the video ram is counted into this total. So if you are using the 32 bit version the system ram available is 4 gig minus whatever video ram you card has.
  4. ^Huh, note the OP's first image, it's 64-bit. There are warez versions of Windows 7 labeled as 64-bit, show-up as 64-bit but in actuality are 32-bit. The OP appears to have an OEM built PC from ASUS.

    My feeling is either the BIOS is shutting down some DIMM slots <or> Memory Mapping is Disabled.
  5. Tried moving the ram around and now the computer won't display a damn thing.
    I think the motherboard is dead.
  6. Try using only the DDR3-1600 kit by itself in the same color DIMM slots, if one set of DIMM slots fails then try the other color.
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