FIrst build - $600 +/- budget build - Need GPU advice.

Hey guys, new PC build on the horizon and I am trying to pick the best GPU for my budget ($140.00 max) for the current rig I am assembling. My goal for the system was going bang for buck - something around $600 total that would be nice and stable and also be somewhat future proof. I want to play HD video/movies and some of the latest games (and older games 1-2 years old) with good FPS (not 30). Also, any advice on the pats i have purchased thus far would be appreciated.

Here are my components purchased so far:

CASE Cooler Master|RC-912-KKN1 RT






APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: between 1/25 and 2/5

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: HD movies/videos, gaming (FPS games like COD Black OPS, GTA, NBA2k11 etc), Photo editing,


OVERCLOCKING: No not right now unless you think it's necessary

MONITOR RESOLUTION: I plan on getting dual 24" monitors in the future

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Need 2 DVI ports, a display port and HDMI out.

Thanks guys.
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  1. I recently built my own budget gaming PC on a budget of $350 but didn't need a hard drive or monitor and a got crappy case and power supply but got a gtx 460 for $160 and I do not regret it. It also has a twenty dollar rebate for so it will be in your budget. If you want something below $140 dollars without a rebate you can go with the Ati HD 5770 which is also a great card. As far as future proof goes there isn't such a thing but these cards both have directx 11 which is amazing in games.

    By the way I got the same processor as you are getting and I was able to overclock it to a phenom II B45 x4 processor with L3 and all but this is not the case with all of them.

    Gtx 460:
  2. I would reccomend saving up your money for a better card.Your right on the edge of the high end mainstream cards.Would be a shame to get a card for $150 when something double it's performanace is right over the hurttle.I would also wait a week or two and i'm sure AMD prices will start to drop because of the realse of the GTX560 today.I'm already starting to see the 6870's fall in price.Just wait a another week.
    XFX 5850

    5850 is old but it's still a very good card.I would defnitly reccomend it or something like it if you plan on running multiple monitors in the future.Also the 5850 will easily max out the games your trying to play.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I may wait a couple weeks to see if the prices drop on some of these cards. If i go with one of those higher end cards like you say that are over the $150 range as opposed to the mid range will my CPU hold up? I know the AMD Anth II x3 is not as fast as some of the other CPU's that AMD offers - as far as that goes, how will it hold up?

  4. It's pretty fast,stock speed is 3.2ghz and it's a triple core.I'm sure you can O.C. another 400mhz out of it and it will be just as good as the others.Possibly unlock the 4th core depending on your mobo(on the details listed it says it can).
    And as long as your not running a crosfire/sli setup you should be fine,GPU wise.Your CPU should handle almost any single card fine.Anyway you would need a bigger psu if you did plan on crossfiring/sli.
  5. I've been reading some reviews/benchmarks on the new GTX560 and it seems it performs as well as the 6950 but it's priced $50 cheaper.So you will defnitly see some price drops for a lot of AMD cards in the coming weeks.
  6. I agree with purple stank (haha). If you can wait for the gtx 560 to come out then do. It looks like it is going to perform very well and won't be that expensive. I don't agree with his comment about the 5850 though. The gtx 460 and hd 5850 perform relatively the same but the 5850 is at the least $35 more than the gtx 460 but if you have the extra $35 then go for it, they are both good cards. Also like I said earlier you can overclock the Athlon II x3 quite a bit.
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