Major Multitasking with the Intel I5 :D

So I am getting an Intel I5 Hyper 212+ for fan in the future. From the forum I hear its a great multitasking CPU!! and can probably overclock to 4.3!

My question is this.

I play Sword of the new world *an online MMO uses about 700k-1.1m...and I plan on keep playing Empire Total War/ Shogun 2 total war. Shogun is new...and I am sure its very demanding as from what I known *But with my Phenom ii x4 b55 and HD 5770 it runs pretty good*...I just ran ETW and Sword of the new world....with my current went pretty good.

I plan on getting a 580 graphics card so I dont think the graphics will be an issue lol.

But do you think the processor will handle all that well? I want it running like a charm with both games running :D.

Oh and 4 GB RAM DDR 3 ofc. Windows 7
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  1. You might use more RAM than 4GB if you're doing a lot of stuff. For example WOW + Borderlands + 10 tabs + WMP took up more than 4GB for me.

    I can't guarantee it but it should probably work fine. The speed isn't as important as the threads in some cases. Some games just use up more resources (processing power) in the background than others. Definitely get more than 4GB of RAM if you want to play two games at a time.
  2. Hmmmm ok...well the thing with Sword of the new has an "AFK" feature and I wanted to do that...then go and do Shogun 2 lol...though it worked ok for the ETW...and my HD 5770 has 1 GB of ..580 1.5 GB lol...with the upgrade of the processor and the graphics card thought id be good to go. Oh and Im getting the P67 to overclock
  3. 1) Run your games, but lower your resolution and eye candy.
    If your FPS increases, it indicates that your cpu is strong enough to drive a better graphics configuration like the GTX580. I have little doubt that you will do really well.

    2) Ram is cheap, going to 8gb can be nothing but good.
    Here is one study on why:
  4. Well I did pretty well...when I ran Sword and then ran Empire Total War...
  5. That is with the current setup so I would imagine I would do well...
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