Crysis 2 Demo Graphics Analysis

The multiplayer demo of Crysis 2 (Xbox 360 Only...) just came out and this is my "First Impression" of the graphics....

1. This demo mostly focuses on geometry and HDR not on textures. This game uses lots of polygons! especially on the character models but textures look some what bland in comparison and there is a lot of popup thats pretty noticeable mostly on little things though but still this game has a very very low draw distance for stuff for example a fan, small shadows, and a couple of other things on the wall and ground popped up 10 ft away from me... but on the other side of things the HDR is great and theres lots of it but I i've seen games with better textures with the same or close to the same amount of geometry like: FFXIII, Gears of War, Star wars Force Unleashed to name a few. The graphics look pretty much like the original Crysis on High settings (not very high) with a reduced draw distance and more HDR and postprocessing and maybe a little bit more geometry.

2.The PC version will rape the console versions and the gameplay is pretty fun too but I think they did a pretty good job of utilizing the GPU but the PC version will probably be better optimized.

What do you guys think?
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  1. Of course the PC version is going to rape the consoles'...
  2. well people been bashing it and some have not i personaly think that it will OWN on steroids on PC coz lets be honest a PC with a GTX 560+ with Core i5+ and 4gbs ram would POOON any console in graphics and performance

    PC GAMEING ALL WAY screw them console they uber out dated if consoles were like PC could upgrade them then il so SCREW the PC but they can't and yano what Sony and Microsoft and Nentendo should know that if they do such a thing they MAKE so much more money then they are on now and it would not be that hard i rember first Xbox you could mod the sh!t out of it bigger HDD installed games to HDD and i been told hacked the GPU on it to upgrade it that was just rumoured tho
  3. Console's don't really have very good GPU's IMO.Last time i played Halo 3 for Xbox 360 and it doesn't make sense that the game will ask for more than the system can deliever.I was seeing stuttering in the dessert envionments.
    Same thing goes for PS3,i would think the PS3 would perform much better but it;s about the same for BF 1942.
    I'm guessing if i could use FRAPS on a console it would give me somewhere between 20-40FPS.
  4. lol nah u looking at 20 to 30 FPS ;) hahah coz they fail i been told they GPU is equvalant to a 7600 GT slighly down clocked they say its architectural sh!t of the OS of consoles that make them loook better then what hardware is in it
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