5970 the problem?

Just made a swap from a GTX470 to a HD5970... figured id see an increase in FPS, but went down a decent amount and games I was running near flawlessly on the 470 have a hard time running on the 5970 such as Bad Company 2. Any suggestions to what could be going on?

i7-950 (3.06) @ 4.0ghz
ASUS P6X58D Premium Mobo
HD ATI 5970
G.SKILL Ripjaws 8GB DDR3 1600

Edit: Just ran 3dmark11 on only basic settings and scored a 6762 on graphics and 5516 on physics - combined 4916 (22.87FPS)
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  1. In your catalyst control, set the antialiasing mode to multi sample. and disable the AI feature. the other modes of antialiasing are awesome for getting amazing clear crisp stills but they kill the frame rate if you're gaming or running bench marks. play those games again with it set that way and you'll see your old Nvidia card get killed. hope that does it for ya
  2. Looking at your results page it looks like your card might be stuck at idle clocks for some reason, but I havn't used 3dmark11 so I don't know if the results shows clocks from the benchmark or current clocks. You might try installing MSI afterburner or something and montoring your clock speeds while the test is running and make sure its running it's real 3d clock speeds like it should.
  3. Hmm nope. Don't disable AI, as that's needed for CF.

    Have you downloaded the Crossfire Application Profiles along with the 11.1 drivers? They're necessary as it is a 2 gpu card.
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