heya guys n girls looking for advice on PSU i want be able to run my GTX 570 i been looking at Link below

it seems be enough power for it and got everything it needs for a power hungry card but i do wanna OC the card and CPU and RAM on the PC so i think 650w CM extreme PSU is good enough
will this PSU be enough?

Maximum GPU Tempurature (in C) 97
Graphics Card Power (W) 219
Minimum System Power Requirement (W) 550
Supplementary Power Connectors Two 6-pin
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  1. Where are you buying from? The eXtreme power plus is an old platform, there are much better options often for about the same price.
  2. Australia :)
  3. well i did not think it matter in the end longs it got enough power and if u can get a better PSU for same price please link me i got few sites
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