Would a wireless phone jack work for dsl?

I'm moving into a rental house and the room where I want my computer and dsl modem (att u verse 2wire 3600hgv) doesn't have a phone line. It looks like this modem/router has wired and wireless internet access but I really don't want to use wireless since I game a lot. I've been reading a little bit on http://www.amazon.com/RCA-RC926-Wireless-Phone-Jack/dp/B00000J08Q/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top but the reviews don't seem THAT great. Is there any other options. My last option would be to have the phone company come out and install an additional line in this room, but i'm trying to save money plus it's a rental and adding outlets and things always seems to be a hassle. Thanks in advance for any info!! *edit* Also, I won't be using a telephone at the house or any sort of cable tv, just standard antenna.
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  1. Going wireless phone jack would be worse then going wireless internet. Depending on the game you play I would recommend adding the outlet. They can usually add it fast and may even help your connection that way. (Make sure they take the line all the way out to the box and not be lazy and splice into an existing one).

    So the three options would be:
    1. Going wireless internet (only problem with heavy gaming)
    2. Get a wired outlet install (good for heavy gaming)
    3. Go through the electric outlets, (would be probably about the same as adding an outlet)
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