Phenom II x4 925 + GTX 460 =bottleneck?

i have a phenom II x4 925 + GTX 460
with 6gb ram ddr2 :S
would the cpu will make bottleneck to GTX 460? :S
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  1. what res you pay games at?
  2. 1280x1024 for now soon 1920x1200 or 1920x1080 ;)
  3. 1920x1080 wont bottleneck
  4. and what about 1280x1024 ?
  5. Yes according to what i know the lower the res the more the cpu matters for scaling.
  6. i have overclocked it to 3.15ghz :S is it that good :S ?
    sorry for my bad english :S
  7. better then 2.8.
  8. cia24 said:
    Yes according to what i know the lower the res the more the cpu matters for scaling.

    Thats first ...
    You mean the lower the resolution, the more the CPU is gonna work, isn't the the other way around !?
  9. No... untill res of 2560x1600 or above the cpu still does alot of it. A bunch of people here told me that when i was getting my new setup they told me i would have to overclock a 965 be to 4ghz in order to not bottleneck with a gtx 580 at 1920x1080p
  10. cia24 said:
    better then 2.8.

    thx for the info brother
  11. can you tell me good overclock for my cpu :(
    phenom II x4 925 ...
    i have cooler master tx3 cooler
    and cooler master GX 750w psu ...
    with k10n78hsli-glan mobo
    6gb ddr2 800mhz ram
    GTX 460 sonic platinum from palit
    how much i can oc my cpu and gpu :S
  12. the max overclock on that cpu is 4ghz i will try to find you a review so you can do that

    for this overclock you have to set the volt at 1.52 so i would be carfull otherwise you wont have a cpu anymore lol. Just search phenom 925 overclock on google there are tons of places that have found stable overclocks
  13. okay thx {}
  14. did you find a review with a stable oc?
  15. What is good is whatever you are comfortable with, overclock it run it through some stress test and see if you run into any problems slowly build up speed like this until you start having issues and then roll back a couple Mhz ex: unstable above 3.4Ghz bring it back down to 3.2Ghz.

    That's the way I would do it.

    CPU bottlenecking: overclocking will help.
    If I had your cpu I'd game on it without hesitation of bottlenecking.
  16. and can you tell me some oc ideas :S
  17. no not really phenom II at over 3.0 ghz wont bottleneck your system, its a powerful cpu it wont slow your system down.
  18. yuksel911 said:
    and can you tell me some oc ideas :S

    I don't understand your question?
    Are you asking how to overclock?
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