I am running win7 pro 64 bit with all the latest service packs.
i780 CPU
LG bluray writer; 2 years old.
Never had any issues with it or should I say I asssume it was working fine.
I write a full 23g of data files to the disk.
The TOC finishes and the disk is closed properly.
I put it back in the drive and it reads the table of content just fine and then if I select files and play movies or run applications towards the upper half of the disk, all works fine.
As soon as I start selecting files to copy from the disk the the HDD or read from a file closer and closer towards the end of the disk, the reader has trouble. take longer and longer to retrieve and the last two or three files just won't read.
it is apparant that my LG disk drive is faulty.
So I ask the following questions:
If data is written to disk successfully, isn't it all there?
the fact that my reader can't read it doesn't mean it is not there?
Once the laser burns a hole that should be that, has anyone heard of a CD,DVD or any other device writting to this format succesfully and then not able to read ALL of it back?

Yes all the drivers on my LG player are the latestes ones.
I am about the buy another blueray player to test it but sure would like to know up front if I lost any data???
Thanks :(
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  1. You can't assume that it wrote properly nor can you assume that the reader is defective. The issue probably occurs when it writes to the disk, but reading the disk in another drive is the only sure way to determine what's wrong. Hopefully the issue is with the reader. I've seen a similar issue with a DVD drive where the data wasn't written properly.
  2. My problem was tow fold but is fixed now.
    First my SATA Prot was faulty and is now fixed
    Secondly the media I was using wasn't so good but now have found and tested plenty Verbatum clones and they work just great.
    thanks for everyone's comments on this.
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