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USB 3.0 on motherboards

Is there a reason all the current USB 3.0 motherboards also have USB 2.0? With 3.0 being adopted by all the big players and being backwards compatible to 2.0, I don't see a reason for the 2.0 ports to persist. I would almost certainly give preference to a board 6 or more 3.0 ports over 2-4 3.0 & 4 or more 2.0 ports, all else being equal.
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  1. Well it's cheaper to offer USB 2.0 then USB 3.0, and there are not that many USB 3.0 devices on the market now.
  2. Ok, makes sense. How does it cost more? Are there royalties involved or is it just upfront hardware costs and changing to new manufacturing setup? Just curious. Thanks.
  3. It should also be noted that there is no Intel USB 3.0 controller at the moment. Every single controller is 3rd party and have had varying degrees of success.
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    As mula said, they are 3rd party controllers. The big fault with this is they do not initialize until you are in windows which means no booting from usb, no keyboard or mouse in bios (which you can't even get to) or during the windows installation. I don't agree with anything else said.

    IB will have native usb 3 but still has 2.0 ports. This is probably due to some bandwidth limitation.
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  6. Thanks for the replies.
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